Meet Lyle

After just 8 short weeks, Lyle lost 31.5 pounds and 27.5 total inches and a total percentage weight loss 12.3 percent of his entire body weight.

Lyle is a husband and father of 2 young girls. Over the years Lyle had been gaining weight, had elevated blood sugar, and liver serum. Lyle is a paramedic and volunteer fire fighter, and knew it was time to live a healthier lifestyle.

He gave up close to two litres of diet coke per day not to mention coffee and fast food! Lyle wrote “the Challenge has given me a new renew on life, teaching my children proper nutrition and living a healthier life style.”

Lyle wanted to thank his wife Andrea and is his own words, “remainsmy strength and inspiration throughout the Challenge.”

We are so proud of you!

FYI Lyle’s follow up blood work has come back in HEALTHY levels! SO AWESOME LYLE! You are our inspiration.